• Paige & Paxton K-2 STEM Curriculum

    There’s a little STEM in every child that needs to be nurtured.

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We give young minds a nurturing and collaborative platform on which to tinker, create, build and iterate to their hearts' desire.

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We hate that early STEM is often esoteric, hard to access and complicated to implement. We envision communities where early STEM is universally accessible so that every child can experience the joy of problem solving, discovery and innovation.

In Your Classroom:
Formal Curriculum

A simple, effective solution for school systems seeking to implement a robust project-based STEM curriculum that infuses STEM knowledge and a STEM culture into elementary school classrooms. 

In Your Community:
Informal Curriculum

Super fun, Paige & Paxton STEM Make-a-thons engage children, 4-7, in the rewards of STEM through exploration, problem-solving and discovery. 


See What Others Have to Say

Changing Paradigms

"My daughter walked away excited about engineering and botany and reading the books over and over. A huge achievement as she is usually only interested in fairy tales."

Sarah Kaufman
Assistant Director, Technology Programming
New York University Rudin Center for Transportation


Preparing Parents

"I was surprised at how much I got from the parent portion. It was really helpful and got me thinking about interesting and fun ways to get my son doing math on a daily basis."

Erin Proud
Founder & Designer
Brooklyn Patterns


Equipping Teachers

"As an Administrator, this helps me get teachers to really implement STEM more in the primary classrooms, because it's so true, the focus has been so much on high school and upper elementary grades!"

Ashley Tam
Curriculum Coordinator
Melody STEM Elementary School

Get the Credit You Deserve

Professional development that gives you a safe place to figure out this STEM thing

Paige & Paxton webinars are FREE and provide a friendly forum where you can come to get direction, ideas and strategies for infusing STEM in your early elementary classroom.


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