• A mom’s personal parenting journey serves as the
    foundation for rethinking elementary education

  • Our Story

    The concept of Paige & Paxton is more than 20 years in the making. In the 1990s, Rachel O. Williams was looking for a way to give her two daughters an edge in math and science. She searched for resources, but at the time, the majority of the available elementary STEM content was, well, boring. So she started using these two puzzle piece characters that she created for a business venture to teach some of the more complex concepts through storytelling. This approach made the math and science more interesting and relevant for all involved—Jessica, Kelley, and Rachel.


    Fast forward 20 years later, and something amazing had occurred. Both Kelley and Jessica were excelling in science and math-related fields and actively involved in STEM pipelining programs for youth. They convinced their mom to bring the characters back to life and build an elementary STEM initiative with the characters at the core. A year later, they secured Chicago Public Schools as their first major client.


    Unbeknownst to Rachel, she had stumbled across what is considered best practices in elementary STEM today: early exposure with an emphasis on accuracy and relevance. It’s strange how things turn out. Rachel never imagined that those two rudimentary boxy puzzle piece characters would evolve into an elementary STEM system that would change the way we teach STEM in this country and what we believe our youngest students are capable of.


    The whole concept of Paige & Paxton grew out of Rachel’s love for her children and a desire to do what was best for them and now more than twenty years later, her creation, Paige & Paxton, is at the forefront of a movement to do what’s best for all children.

  • Paige & Paxton On the Move

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Planting the Seeds of Curiosity:   A  Botany STEM Make-a-thon

    Recap of our Paige & Paxton #EarthDay event Planting the Seeds of Curiosity: A STEM Make-a-thon on Botany.

    Itsy Bitsy Science: A Microbiology STEM Make-a-thon

    Watch how kids delve into the fascinating world of microorganisms through Paige & Paxton’s STEM storybook, Paige & Paxton Discover a Small World, and a hands-on microbiology experiment led by real scientists.

    Paige & Paxton: Pretty Smart:  A STEM Make-a-thon for Girls in Engineering

    Recap of our Girls in Engineering Make-a-thon, which focused on inspiring girls in K to 8th grade to pursue their dreams through the field of engineering.

    Kelley O. Cambry & Rachel Williams of Paige & Paxton: WCIU Interview

    Mother and daughter duo, Kelley and Rachel, are working to make sure all kids have access to a STEM education.

    Kelley O. Cambry, YWCA's YWomen Honoree Video

    A clip from YWCA's YWomen honoree video. Kelley O. Cambry, the co-founder of Paige & Paxton, talks about the influences of her family and how she fights against the unconscious and gender bias of STEM in our children's classrooms. Watch and share!​