Paige & Paxton STEM Resources for Parents

  • “Thanks so much for taking the time to consult with myself and other parents about our concerns, wants and needs when it comes to how to develop our kids' interests in STEM. As a parent, I'm already feeling better equipped to be truly engaged in their learning, and have developed more patience with them. I've also come to realize that the reward is not to see what they become when they 'grow up.' The reward is really the journey itself, to wherever it is they will go and to whomever it is they will become.”

    Daisy Copeland, Parent of Two Girls
    Evanston, IL

  • Raising STEM Kids in a STEM World

    Here to share our insights with you to make parenting less stressful and frankly, a little more fun.

    8 mars 2020 · Critical thinking,Tips for Parents,Mindful Parenting,Science for Kids,Raising STEM Kids · 30
    Getting your child to think like a scientist means gathering facts and information and making decisions based on those facts and information. It's called critical thinking and it's a priceless gift to give your child. Start early and follow this blueprint. Step 1: Make sure your child...
    17 janvier 2020 · Math Tips,Tips for Parents,Raising STEM Kids,Engineering for Kids,Science for Kids · 21
    As a parent, you know the importance of math. You use math every moment of the day: to tell time, to pay for gas, to gauge your health, to determine how much paint you need to cover a room, to try on clothes, and to cook, just to name a few. Yet if you’re like most Americans, you also loathe...
    24 décembre 2019 · Tips for Parents,Science for Kids,Engineering for Kids,Kids and Technology,Raising STEM Kids · 17
    You don’t have to deplete your child’s college fund to give him or her a solid start in STEM! Families spend up to $12,000 annually on enrichment programming for just one child, and the cost becomes staggering for families with two or more children. Here are three, easy affordable ways to lay...
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    We support and bring together parents who are committed

    to making STEM education meaningful for their children.

    Colorful STEM Storybooks & Workbooks

    At Paige & Paxton, everything starts with a story. Paige & Paxton STEM storybooks and workbooks represent a colorful and exciting platform to provide early opportunities for kids to learn about STEM in a way that is not intimidating. The main characters of the series, Paige, Paxton, Penelope, and Parker, are doing the same things as children, asking the same questions and finding answers in STEM.

    Fun-Filled Family STEM Events

    Super fun and intentionally crafted, kids explore STEM concepts through the adorable puzzle piece characters in the Paige & Paxton storybook series and then engage in intellectually sound, hands-on experiments that mirror the work of scientists and engineers. The challenges are led by STEM professionals and parent engagement is built into the event.​

    Bring a STEM Club to Your Child's School

    A Paige & Paxton STEM Clubs are the gold standard of STEM enrichment. Give your school access to high-quality STEM education without sacrificing time during the school day. Contact your school's principal, share information about our STEM clubs, and coordinate time for a curriculum demo. ​

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  • Paige & Paxton On the Move

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Planting the Seeds of Curiosity:   A  Botany STEM Make-a-thon

    Recap of our Paige & Paxton #EarthDay event Planting the Seeds of Curiosity: A STEM Make-a-thon on Botany.

    Itsy Bitsy Science: A Microbiology STEM Make-a-thon

    Watch how kids delve into the fascinating world of microorganisms through Paige & Paxton’s STEM storybook, Paige & Paxton Discover a Small World, and a hands-on microbiology experiment led by real scientists.

    Paige & Paxton: Pretty Smart:  A STEM Make-a-thon for Girls in Engineering

    Recap of our Girls in Engineering Make-a-thon, which focused on inspiring girls in K to 8th grade to pursue their dreams through the field of engineering.

    Kelley O. Cambry & Rachel Williams of Paige & Paxton: WCIU Interview

    Mother and daughter duo, Kelley and Rachel, are working to make sure all kids have access to a STEM education.

    Kelley O. Cambry, YWCA's YWomen Honoree Video

    A clip from YWCA's YWomen honoree video. Kelley O. Cambry, the co-founder of Paige & Paxton, talks about the influences of her family and how she fights against the unconscious and gender bias of STEM in our children's classrooms. Watch and share!​

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