Refresh your classroom texts with STEM-focused books with contemporary themes and characters that generate excitement about STEM concepts and careers

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    Paige & Paxton texts use engaging storylines and adorable puzzle piece characters to introduce STEM through a childhood lens.


    The main characters of the series are students' contemporaries. They’re having the same experiences as children, asking the same questions and finding answers in STEM, which they discover is all around them.


    Paige & Paxton texts are a simple, effective way to incorporate STEM into the school day.



    Never worry about Paige & Paxton storybooks sitting on the shelf.

    Schools leverage these versatile texts in a number of ways.

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    Circle Time and

    Independent Reading

    Infuse a fresh perspective, increasing awareness of STEM and its relevance and instilling a love of learning.

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    Reading Buddies

    Enhance the learning experience in these wonderful programs, by introducing the knowledge of STEM concepts, methods and careers to two populations within your school.​

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    Unit Primers

    Provide STEM context and add rigor to existing lessons such as plants, weather, and dinosaurs.​


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    The main characters of the series, Paige, Paxton, Penelope, and Parker, are doing the

    same things as children, asking the same questions and finding answers in STEM careers.

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    Meet Paige

    Age: 6
    Perfect Fit: Science
    Favorite Food: Pancakes
    When she grows up she wants to be: A Dentist


    Six-year-old Paige is the centerpiece of the Paige & Paxton series. She introduces science as the way we find out how things work and why things are the way they are. Like many of our children, Paige has all the makings of a good scientist: she loves to ask questions, observe the world and perform experiments. It’s the basis of scientific inquiry and investigation. With her big, beautiful brown eyes and large pink bow, Paige’s character is designed to shatter the misconception that girls can’t be both pretty and smart.

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    Meet Paxton

    Age: 5
    Perfect Fit: Technology
    Favorite Food: Popcorn
    When he grows up he wants to be: Doesn’t know yet


    Paxton is Paige’s younger brother. He has the key attribute that all technology gurus possess from day one: he loves to tinker—to take things apart and put them back together again. While he loves to play with computers and remote control toys, Paxton is beginning to learn that technology is more than just gadgets. Technology is creating new things and new ways of doing things to make our lives easier. He’s slowly getting it: he’s working on an app to eat his vegetables. That will certainly make his life easier!


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    Meet Penelope

    Age: 5 years old
    Perfect Fit: Engineering
    Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
    When she grows up she wants to be: Aerospace Engineer


    Penelope is Paige and Paxton’s friend. Through Penelope, we discover engineering as the way we make sure things work the way they’re supposed to work. We also learn what it takes to be a good engineer. Penelope is smart, but she also has the requisite soft skills: the ability to solve problems and to work effectively with others. Like Paige, her appearance is about shattering stereotypes. Penelope is pink and proud of it, putting the world on notice that girls can be girls while excelling at everything that boys excel at.


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    Meet Parker

    Age: 6 and a half
    Perfect Fit: Math
    Favorite Food: Pie
    When he grows up he wants to be: the same
    profession as his mom, a CPA (Certified Puzzle Accountant)


    Parker is Paige and Paxton’s cousin. He’s so cool, and he loves math to boot. He’s 6 years old—correction: 6 and a half! That’s one of the reasons Parker loves math. He loves to be precise. The charismatic Parker is the perfect puzzle to help children develop an appreciation for math as something we count on every day to make sense of the world. We use math to quantify, describe and organize both the concrete and the abstract. But more importantly, math follows a growth mindset: it’s something that we can all be good at. It simply takes practice.



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