Invest in your teachers’ success by providing them with the tools and

    knowledge to bring high-quality STEM instruction into the classroom

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    Paige & Paxton Professional Development

    Paige & Paxton is the gold standard in elementary STEM professional development, offering the most comprehensive teacher training series in the country.


    The series offers a safe and supportive environment for elementary teachers to increase their foundational knowledge of STEM subjects, learn best practices in elementary STEM education and to learn to apply Paige & Paxton methodology to drive STEM awareness, interest, and knowledge in their classrooms.


    Use Paige & Paxton to design professional development that

    meets your teachers’ continuing education needs and schedule.

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    Choose the topics.

    Mix and match course offerings to create customized training

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    Choose the time commitment.

    Mix and match course offerings to create customized training

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    Choose the place.

    In-person at our STEM space in Brooklyn, NY or in your school or community

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    Teachers are the most important part of the STEM equation

    Any instructional solution that doesn’t take into account the skills, experience, and background of teachers is inherently deficient.


    The vast majority of elementary teachers do not have a STEM degree or STEM training. Elementary education majors also have the highest math and science anxiety of any other undergraduate major. At the same time, opportunities for elementary teachers to enhance their knowledge in the area of elementary STEM are scarce. This is the single biggest barrier to implementing quality STEM education in communities throughout the country.


    Paige & Paxton addresses this obstacle because it provides teachers with the resources and tools to be successful in the classroom through our methodology, curriculum design, and the most comprehensive teacher training, professional development and support system in the field.

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    “As someone who has led many STEM PD sessions for teachers, this is the kind of mindset and pedagogy that I wish all teachers had. That is what impressed me the most about Paige & Paxton when I started to learn more about the company, its curriculum, and approach.”

    Kristen Perkins, Partnership Coordinator

    Office of STEM Education Partnerships

    Northwestern University


    We provide schools local to the NYC area with the option of hosting Paige & Paxton training and onboarding at our space in Brooklyn in partnership with Blue Studios, a network of interactive STEM spaces for K-12 grade students.

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    Paige & Paxton @ Blue Studios

    396 Atlantic Avenue

    Brooklyn, NY 11217


    Monday to Friday:

    3:00 pm to 7:00 pm


    10:00 am to 2:00 pm